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Trail Mix Overnight Oats Roadtrip Breakfast Recipe

A healthy breakfast recipe that can be easily prepared in any motel room in under 1 minute. Sweet and salty, crunchy and smooth, this recipe is full of energy and nutrition to fuel your day!
Author: Juli [1000lovelythings]


  • 3/4 cup oats
  • 1 cup milk of choice
  • 1 handful of fresh berries
  • trail mix to taste


Prep the night before

  • Give the oats and milk in your bowl, stir through and set aside in the refrigerator
  • If there is no refrigerator, never mind just cover the bowl and set aside

In the morning

  • Sit through the soaked oats and add a little more milk if the oats are too firm
  • Wash the berries and top your oats with berries and your trail mix


As the recipe uses no sweetener I like to use a slightly sweetened vanilla almond milk.
You can use of course every trail mix you like but I strongly recommend a slightly salted one for the extra kick
As measuring out ingredients on a trip can be close to impossible I follow an easy rule of thumb - literally! I just add as many oats to my jar as I want and add milk until all oats + about 1 finger high are covered in milk