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Quick and Easy Chocolate Crossies

These Quick and Easy Chocolate Crossies are a perfect sweet treat to whip up in no time. Crunchy and cocolatey with a touch of orange they unfailingly satisfy every sweet and fancy craving. While not necessarily a Christmas treat they certainly shine on every Christmas Party.
Author: Juli @1000lovelythings


  • 250 g corn flakes
  • 600 g dark chocolate
  • 1 tsp orange extract


  • Give the corn flakes in a large mixing bowl and set aside
  • In a waterbath melt the chocolate, gently stirring through from time to time*
  • Once completely melted, add the orange extract and stir until fully incorporated
  • Pour the chocolate over the cornflakes and stir through the mixture with a fork or spoon until all the corn flakes are completely covered in chocolate
  • Take one spoonful of the mixture and place it on a baking sheet so that a small pile of chocolate covered corn flakes forms
  • Repeat until all the mass is gone
  • Let cool for an hour to a day


* make sure the chocolate doesn't get too hot. It won't firm up again well and will taste and look a little crumbly
You can store the Chocolate Crossies in an airtight container for a few weeks
Now get fancy! Add 1 T Grand Marnier and 1 T orange zests for a fuller orangey flavor or add 1/2 a cup of sliced and roasted almonds for a bit more crunch - just make sure to decrease the amount of cornflakes or increase the amount of chocolate a little bit to keep a good chocolate to crunch ratio!